We know that you may prefer the comfort of an existing device. Or perhaps have multiple users with their own devices to accommodate, or simply need to manage costs effectively? Our SIM Only or BYOD packages deliver all the benefits of our business mobile solutions. The difference is that you get the added freedom of using any compatible hardware.

You’ll still have all the support you need from an assigned account manager. They will monitor and control your costs and usage, and you will get low UK call rates and roaming costs. We’ll also give you the same online tariff management and bundle access that comes as standard with all our business mobile solutions.


With our SIM Only deals, we’ll guarantee you’ll see significant savings over your current provider. You’ll also experience a greater flexibility. This comes with scalability built in as standard to allow you to add or remove users as suits your needs.

So when we say ‘SIM only’, what we really mean is SIM and everything else, just minus the phone.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programmes are as popular as ever. Companies are seeing a marked increase in productivity and reduction in costs. This is a consequence of allowing employees to use their own personal devices to access company resources. However, keeping company data secure while maintaining employee privacy is challenging. There are a number of policy requirements, for both the company and the end user.