Mobile Group Tariffs

FLR Spectron is now able to offer Mobile Group Tariffs. Being the most popular of the tariffs, the Mobile Group Tariff is the ideal business mobile package. Group tariffs are made up of a pool of minutes and text messages. These can be distributed across the entire fleet of mobiles each month.

Specific benefits include:

  • Flexible minute and text message allowances. These can be adjusted if usage changes over time. In turn, this reduces the likelihood of unexpected bills. It also provides the customer with the opportunity to alter demands without having to change tariff.
  • Specific data packages can be added to individuals should that prove necessary. Again this provides our customers with more flexibility and control as opposed to what they may receive in other tariffs.
  •  One specific benefit involved with Mobile Group Tariffs is that calls between company users and standard landline calls are typically free of charge. This means they will not be deducted from monthly allowances. In turn, this provides a choice for our customers should they require a tariff acknowledging the demand for calls between company users and standard landline calls.Mobile Group Tariffs