Data Roaming Diagnostics

When travelling abroad, there can be a variety of reasons as to why your device isn’t connecting or might be stating no service. Please try the following steps on your mobile device, which usually solve the issue:

• Check that management have authorised all international/roaming bars can be removed prior to going abroad.

• When overseas, the first thing you should do if your device hasn’t automatically connected to the local network is power the device off/on. Please make sure you take the SIM card out of the device then replace after a few minutes.

• Switch off 4G.

• Switch airplane mode on then off again.

Ensure Data Roaming is turned on:


Settings > mobile data > mobile data options > turn data roaming on



Settings > more networks > mobile networks > tick data roaming


Manual roam into a different network following the instructions below:


Settings > carrier > turn automatic off > select network



Settings > more networks > mobile networks > network operators > select network


If any of the above does not solve the issue, then please contact a member of the team so we can investigate the issue further.

Quick Questions To Help Resolve Your Issue

Please have the answers to the below questions ready when contacting us. Although we understand you may not always know the answer, having as much of the information to hand will be of considerable help.

• Are you able to try your SIM in a different handset? This will distinguish whether it’s a device, SIM or network issue.

• Are you able to make calls/receive calls?

• Are you able to browse the internet?

• Are you able to send/receive emails?

• Is the problem location specific?