Data Usage on iPhone

Any apps or features that require an internet connection will use data and be subject to roaming charges if used abroad. These include:

• Safari
• YouTube
• Maps
• Email
• iTunes
• Social networking apps such as Facebook and Twitter

How To Turn Off Data-Roaming

Settings > mobile data > mobile data options > turn data roaming off


This is a simple way of preventing your phone from connecting to other data providers when you are out of range from your domestic carrier when abroad.

Use Wi-Fi Whenever Possible

You can connect your iPhone using a local Wi-Fi connection to avoid data charges when travelling. Many hotels, cafes, restaurants and other public places offer free Wi-Fi to visitors, usually accessible through a pass-code or straightforward public access.

Some Wi-Fi hotspots do charge for access, but you should be informed of that before you start using the connection.

Settings > Wi-Fi > Search for a network (you may need to ask the network name and passkey)


How To Turn Off Automatic Downloads

Settings > iTunes & App Store > Switch off all automatic downloads including updates

We advise speaking to a line manager before travelling to ensure a data-roaming bundle is added to your package.


How To Turn Off Individual Data-Using Apps

Settings > mobile data > scroll down to list of apps > turn off apps


How To Turn Off Wi-Fi Assist

When connected to a Wi-Fi network, if the signal is poor the device will use the mobile network. This could use up more of your data.

Settings > mobile data > scroll to the bottom > switch off Wi-Fi Assist

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