Signal Boosters

Whatever network you’re on, your mobile signal can sometimes be less than perfect. But mobile signal issues aren’t always caused by how far you are from the nearest mobile phone mast. Sometimes they happen because of the location of the building you’re in, or the building itself. We call these areas ‘blackspots' and all mobile phone networks around the world suffer from them.

You can experience them wherever you are, even in cities with lots of mobile phone masts. Our boxes and boosters can give you a perfect signal indoors – no matter where your office is and how thick the walls.

We have a number of solutions that could help. These range from broadband solutions that plug into your router, such as ‘Vodafone Sure Signal’ & ‘O2 Boostbox’, to aerial based technology that can be attached to your building.

Vodafone Sure Signal

Vodafone Sure Signal creates a 3G signal - ideal if you live where it's difficult to get good reception, fitting straight into a plug socket; Sure Signal doesn't take up much space in your home or small office. You can easily hide it away - and as it has an extra plug, you won't lose a socket either.

The only requirements for Vodafone Sure Signal are a 3G Vodafone phone or voice enabled tablet and a fixed-line home broadband with minimum upload and download speed of 1Mbps.

O2 Boostbox02 Boost Box

O2 Boostbox uses your broadband router to give network and 3G coverage to your home or office. It can be used by up to 32 different phone numbers, including up to four mobiles at the same time, and has a range of    25-30 metres.

Calls, texts and mobile internet work just like on the normal mobile network, and use the minutes, texts and data allowances of your current tariff.

EE Signal BoxEE Signal Box

The Signal Box plugs into your broadband router and creates a link to our network to provide indoor coverage.

It works by providing 3G coverage with a range of about 15 metres, so anyone with access can make a call just as normal. Any customers on Orange, T-Mobile or EE can use the same box.